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Triple J and Agana Shopping Center Unveil Guam's Newest Blink® Charging Station

(Thursday, August 31 – Hagatna, Guam) - Triple J Enterprises, Inc. and Agana Shopping Center proudly announce the installation of Guam's newest Blink® charging station. The partnership between Triple J and Blink Charging Co. further demonstrates their commitment to meet the growing needs of electric vehicle (EV) drivers on the island.


The new Blink® Level 2 charger, located at the Agana Shopping Center, marks the expansion of a network of charging stations managed by Triple J. This strategic move allows for convenient access to charging facilities for both residents and tourists alike. With the increasing number of electric vehicles on Guam's roads, the development of infrastructure has become essential, and Triple J is dedicated to facilitating the transition to sustainable transportation.


Jay Jones, Senior Vice President of Triple J Enterprises, Inc., expressed enthusiasm for the partnership and the growth of EV infrastructure on Guam. "This partnership has been in the works for some time, and we are excited to unveil our latest Blink® charging station at the Agana Shopping Center," said Jones. "As Guam's premier automotive provider, it is our duty to ensure that EV drivers have the necessary infrastructure to support their vehicles. This charger not only expands the Blink® network across the island, but it also marks a significant milestone as the first shopping center on Guam to offer an EV charger.”


To enhance the charging experience, Triple J encourages EV drivers to utilize the Blink App, a comprehensive platform that provides a one-stop-shop for finding, using, and accessing all information about the Blink® chargers. By creating an account via the app, users are automatically enrolled to receive a discount on the charging rate, making the charging process even more cost-effective and user-friendly.


The Blink® Level 2 charger offers drivers increased energy efficiency, providing more miles per charge in less time. With a maximum output of 19.2kW, this charging station is an optimal choice for EV owners. Operating the charger is simple, requiring users to plug in their electric vehicles, touch the screen, and follow the prompts. Users can choose to utilize their Blink membership account or charge as a guest, ensuring accessibility for all.


The installation of this new charger at the Agana Shopping Center marks an important milestone for Blink Charging Co. and Triple J Enterprises. Therese Kamm, General Manager of the Agana Shopping Center, expressed her excitement about the new addition and its positive impact on the community. "We are thrilled to partner with Triple J and Blink Charging Co. to bring Guam's newest Blink® charging station to the Agana Shopping Center," said Kamm. "As we embrace sustainable initiatives, this charging station will provide our customers with a convenient and eco-friendly option, aligning with our commitment to creating a greener future for Guam."


Blink Charging Co. is a leading provider of EV charging equipment and services, boasting a robust network of public charging stations worldwide. This latest partnership with Triple J Enterprises further solidifies their commitment to expanding their presence in the Asia Pacific region.





PHOTO CAPTION: Standing L to R: Shawn Garcia, Business Development Manager, EV Charging, Triple J Enterprises, Inc.; Jay Jones, Senior Vice President, Triple J Enterprises, Inc.; Therese Kamm, General Manager, Agana Shopping Center and Danly Mae Manlangit, Leasing Officer, Agana Shopping Center.


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Blink Charging Co. is a leading owner, operator, and provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and services, with industry-leading equipment and a robust network of public charging stations worldwide. For more information about Triple J Enterprises, Inc., visit For more information about the Agana Shopping Center, visit




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