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37+ Years of Passion for
Our People and Our Products


From our humble beginnings in 1984, we have embraced our “Customers First” commitment in our everyday practice. We’ve built our business with customers in mind, giving back to the very people who have helped us prosper, finding ways to go farther, live better and to help each other grow together.

A Timeline of Tradition


Giving Back to the Community

Triple J’s “Customers First” commitment extends to the company’s community involvement.  Hand in hand with its business expansion and success, Triple J Enterprises has for three decades also strived to improve lives and build better communities through its philanthropic contributions, financially and voluntarily with time and personal involvement, to various nonprofit causes as well as to individuals. 

  • Guam
  • Saipan
  • Tinian
  • Palau
  • Japan
  • Marshall Islands
  • California
  • North Carolina

Triple J Enterprises is a group of companies, driven by the spirit of our communities, focused on people and service oriented business - motors, food and restaurant, hotel, logistics and real estate - with a reputation for business integrity and perseverance.

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