The second annual Triple J High School Football All-star

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

PRESS RELEASE - The second annual Triple J High School Football All-star, the final high school football game of the year was yet again another thriller. For the second year in a row, the winner came from behind to win the game in the final quarter. 

Team Raptors, led by head coach Bruce Meno (FD) and his coaching staff, defeated Ryan Rios' (GW) team Mustangs 13-12 at the Okkodo field thanks to a quarterback sneak in the fourth quarter.

Quarterback Marco Jacob (FD) received the offense game MVP honors, rushing for a touchdown in the final period to clinch the Raptor victory. Jacob also threw a touchdown pass in the opening quarter, a 25-yard touchdown pass to Andrew Fichter (FD).

Jacob, who wasn't even the starting quarterback for his team four weeks ago, was just happy to end his high school career just playing in the all-star game. 

"It's unfortunate that Daniel Phillips was ill in the final two games of the season but I was prepared to step in. It's a great feeling going our with my last football game with a win," said Jacob. 

Jacob played against a good friend and fellow FD teammate Derrick Artero (team Mustangs) and he said they had fun being on the opposite end going against the each other. 

"We actually made a friendly bet and now he owes me an Acai Bowl," joked Jacob.

Mustangs quarterback Nolan Chamberlain tossed two touchdown passes, one to teammate JFK Islanders teammate Tyler Pangelinan in the 2nd quarter, and one to Geckos recover Aaron Jamanila to take a 12-6 lead. 

Chamberlain was the leading candidate for MVP until Jacob put his team in the position to win the game late.

The Mustangs defense was led by linebacker Alfredo Blas (THS) and defensive end Jermayne San Nicolas (GW). Their defense contained the Raptors for the rest of the first half, giving the offense multiple oppurtunities to score.

The Raptors started a rally late in the final period by Isaiah Reyes recorded his fourth sack of the game to clinch the victory. "This is such a special game with talented players on both sides. I'm a junior and this is my first all-star game so it was nice to be playing alongside the leagues' best players," said Reyes.

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