Friday, August 12, 2016

Jonah Jones, a local Boy Scout with the Boy Scouts of America Chamorro District, and also a resident of Barrigada Heights, recently partnered with the Barrigada Mayor’s office to refurbish a rundown village sign.

Last year, Jones met with Mayor June Blas and Vice Mayor Jessie Bautista and was given the opportunity to replace a worn out sign in the village as part of an Eagle Scout project, a one- time community focused project required to advance to Eagle Scout.
For Jones, it was a way for him to give back to his village and the island. “My family and I pass by this sign every day, I am proud of my village and thought what a great way for me to turn an eye sore into something that was eye catching”, said Jones.
Jones, a Scout since 2011 with Troop 38, spent 114 man-hours on the sign with some help from friends, family and other scouts. In addition to refurbishing the sign he also installed solar lamps and a solar spotlight.
“When Jonah met with us, he had already identified that the sign was in desperate need of repair, and Vice Mayor Bautista and I were just so impressed that at his young age, he wanted to do so much, in fact it wasn't only the sign that had become worn out and in need of replacement, but the frame itself was also an issue, and he took on this project by himself”, said Mayor Blas.
“It makes us proud that Jonah and young Scouts like him take pride in their island and want to help beautify it in what may seem like a small gesture, but really does take a lot of work and money, in fact to further beautify the sign, he installed lights around it” Vice Mayor Bautista went on to say.

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MAYOR‎: ‎Honorable June U. Blas
OFFICE NO‎: ‎(671) 734-3724/25/34/36
VICE MAYOR‎: ‎Honorable Jessie P. Bautista